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“..the Terra II AMs are stunningly agile speakers that never scrimp on detail resolution. All EBTB’s attention to detail resulted in a truly out-of-the-box sound that spreads information evenly and naturally..” What HiFi? Sound and Vision (UK)

“..Due to this outlook we can distinguish EBTB Terra II Pro at a first glance, and its identity is very pleasant.... The sound quality is very high and we can assume that all other parts are very carefully selected... . The nuances and the whole imaging of the sound are truly fascinating.....” Stereo Sound (Japan)

“... The more beautiful thing is the sound. Usually the keyword for sounding is precise. I tested these loudspeakers in my own studio with CD payer and amplifier of reference class. I had never heard till that moment, so consistent and detailed sound...”
Pen Magazine (Japan)

“Don’t let the extraordinary design of Everything But The Box fool you. Under these futuristic shapes serious high quality technics are hidden with excellent audio qualities...The sound of both TERRA models shows the professional background of it’s designers….The EBTB speakers aren’t only beautiful to see. Also the used components are of a very high level…” HVT (Netherlands)

“...As nearfield studio monitors they are extremely functional: imaging is precise with impressive depth, a detailed midrange and a non-fatiguing high-end response...” Music Tech magazine (UK)

“…This is the sound of the blue sky above the East Europe –bright and azure. There is not the typical for the boxy shaped loudspeaker distortion in the low frequencies and using the factory setting of the HF equalizer we achieve very high quality sound…” Audio Basic (Japan)

"The Terra Mk III loudspeaker ... It's impressive, stylish ... 'Hip'! Especially it's unique design and great craftsmanship. Owning a pair of these brings new life to my audio experience. There's no doubt serious hi-fi listeners will gain the same result!”

Hadesato Shiino – Founder of Vestax, founder of Roland, owner of ESP Guitars

“…Among other things that sets BoXXeR HM 0.4 apart are speed, handling of the transients and sense of space portraying. The best canopy of pro side vividly reflects into a seamless sound that deems with a evoking sense of music and interactive, positive push forward motion, translating into the emotional bound, that is not so often present with such compact speakers…”Mono & Stereo

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