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Equipped with Bluetooth®
receiver with APT-X support.

What are A1-BT and A2-BT best for?



Who are A1-BT and A2-BT made for?


A N Y   C O L O U R   I S   P O S S I B L E

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We manufacture all our products in own modern factory, located near Varna.

All of the design and most of the manufacturing works are done here.

We do not order our products somewhere else and put only our brand name on them.
Instead we invested in building, machinery, know-how and people and build almost everything in house.

This allows us to keep each step under full control.
We are absolutely convinced in the quality of each part or material we use, as well as in the highest quality work.

This is why we back up our products with:

M A N U F A C T U R I N G  &  W A R R A N T Y G A L L E R Y Powerful  and linear sound  and a lot of  features. Our amplifiers are excellent choice  for any stereo system.

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ASK FOR PRICE NOW A2-BT: 2x160W @ 4 Ohm

A1-BT and A2-BT are high resolution amplifiers delivering 2 x 100W @ 4 Ohm and 2 x 160W @ 4 Ohm.

We used massive bipolar toroidal transformers and sophisticated power supply for cleaner and stable current and Hypex modules as a final amps.

The performance of both amplifiers is remarkable: The sound is surprisingly powerful, linear and transparent and the performance is excellent in the whole spectrum.

Despite their humble outlook A1-BT and A2-BT are quite sophisticated.

They are designed to be easily expandable and to be the heart of your sound system.
This is because of the Insert Send/Receive point.
Using it we can expand it with additional devices like EQ, or Headphone amp (soon we shall offer our own) etc.

So you can have 3 inputs: Line in, Bluetooth® and additional Line in through the Insert point.

A1-BT and A2-BT have a Sub Out which is indeed Line out with possibility to be used in stereo or to sum the signal in mono, so you can have 2.1 system.

And everything is packed in a compact and elegant enclosure with a clear retro outlook combined with latest technology.
The front and rear panels are made from CNC machined aluminium and we use capacitive touch buttons to control A1-BT and A2-BT.

We offer A1-BT and A2-BT in veneered enclosure in several veneers and dyes or highest quality lacquer with possibility for unlimited colours. Both types finishes can be in matt or high gloss finish.