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BoXXeR MR5 is one of the most affordable high end hand crafted speakers on the market.

Despite this we didn’t sacrifice the sound and build quality.

Selected natural veneers and high quality drivers as well as awesome outlook will make you BoXXeR MR5 your best friend in true sound reproduction without to break your budget.  

In our now 17 years history, we always paid special attention to details.
In sound, design and built quality aspects.
BoXXeR MR5 is not an exclusion.

We started with the concept and then we spent numerous hours tuning and refining the sound.
Nothing was left to chance.

Our target always is to produce true sounding speakers. And with BoXXeR MR5 we succeed again.

BoXXeR MR5 is an universal speaker perfect for home stereo, surround sound, studio monitoring and installations.
It will play any style and type of music equally well and it will play it without coloration and distortion.
Fast transients from loud signal to silence and vice versa will not embarrass  BoXXeR MR5.
The low frequencies are deep and solid despite the small dimensions, the mids are delicate and transparent and the highs are clear and non fatiguing.

IN SHORT: Perfectly build bookshelf loudspeaker for home and studio use delivering high end audio at affordable price.

Despite its small size BoXXeR MR5 performs as significantly bigger loudspeaker. This is thanks to the solid construction, first class parts and many hours fine tuning in the anechoic chamber.


Frequency response ::        60 Hz - 25 kHz
Nominal impedance ::        8 Ohms
Sensitivity ::                          87 dB @ 1W/1m
RMS Power ::                       60 W
Tweeter ::                             1" silk dome, neodymium, with protecting grill
Bass/Mid ::                            5" studio woofer,  waterproof paper cone,                                                    rubber surround  with DAR technology
Dimensions ::                       30 x 19.5 x 24.5 cm (H W D) (without feet)
Weight ::                               5.7 kg (without feet)


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“Don’t let the extraordinary design of Everything But The Box fool you. Under these futuristic shapes serious high quality technics are hidden with excellent audio qualities…The EBTB speakers aren’t only beautiful to see. Also the used components are of a very high level”

HVT (Netherlands)

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We manufacture all our products in own modern factory, located near Varna.

All of the design and most of the manufacturing works are done here.

We do not order our products somewhere else and put only our brand name on them.
Instead we invested in building, machinery, know-how and people and build almost everything in house.

This allows us to keep each step under full control.
We are absolutely convinced in the quality of each part or material we use, as well as in the highest quality work.

This is why we back up our products with:

M A N U F A C T U R I N G  &  W A R R A N T Y G A L L E R Y BoXXeR MR5  is a high quality  bookshelf loudspeaker  for anyone  who prefers classical  type loudspeakers.  Excellent for stereo,  home cinema and  studio monitoring.

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ASK FOR PRICE NOW From 798 EUR per pair* * Actual retail price may vary in some countries Dark walnut real veneer finished with “invisible”lacquer Optional CNC machined solid aluminium feet with spring suspension.