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Highest quality 5.5”coaxial speaker with 120 W AES power

What about the sound?

Throughout our professional life we have always followed the line of no compromise when it comes to the true reproduction of sound. We put all of our efforts into our loudspeakers having linear, not coloured and non-distorted sound, with great dynamics and realistic image.

B 52 entirely follows our tradition.

B 52 delivers linear, transparent and airy sound with great dynamic through the whole spectrum. Despite the small dimensions this is a powerful speaker with big heart.

You can pair it with a subwoofer in stereo or 2.1 system to extend the low frequencies, though it can deliver a very nice sound on its own.

Frequency response :: 58 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal impedance :: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity :: 87 dB @ 1W/1m
RMS Power :: 60 W AES
Tweeter :: 1" silk dome, neodymium
Bass/Mid :: 5.5" with die cast aluminium basket and kevlar cone
Dimensions :: 20 x 30 x 26 cm (WHD)
Weight :: 6.5 kgs net

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Aircraft aluminium sheets cut by hand and nailed by hand using more than 200 rivets!

B 52 in full grain vegetable tanned leather E-mail: info@ebtb.eu Additions

Our Aero-1 stand is a beautiful addition to B 52.
Its shape is exactly a copy of a propeller.

What is it?

• Two-way passive high end loudspeaker for home and studio monitoring, delivering linear and transparent sound and highest class craftsmanship.

Where can it be used?

• Home Stereo system
• Home Cinema system
• Stereo or 2.1 system in combination with subwoofer
• Nearfield Studio monitoring

The Real Thing

Most of the parts and materials used in B 52 are based on natural products which are recyclable:

• Aircraft aluminium top, bottom and sides, polished, without any chemical treatment;
• More than 200 rivets, hand nailed;
• Full grain vegetable tanned leather or highest quality vegan leather by your choice;
• 5,5”highest quality coaxial speaker;
• Mundorf capacitors, factory made inductors;
• Gold plated connectors;
• Solid brushed aluminium faceplate;
• Solid stainless steel laser cut logo.

Hand Made

We use CNC machines for the basic production: cutting the box parts, aluminium faceplate, stainless steel logo.

After that ALL other operations are made by hand:

• We assemble and carefully sand the enclosure;
• We cut the leather to the desired dimensions by hand and gently glue it on the front and back sides;
• We cut the aluminium sheets BY HAND carefully matching each one;
• We make the holes by hand and nail all rivets by hand too;
• The faceplate is brushed by hand and then lacquered with highest quality automotive lacquer;
• We assemble the crossover and measure each one;
• Finally we assemble and measure each B 52 before to be packed.


Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
Do you want something special only for you?
You are in the right place. Just share your thoughts.
In most cases we can make it for you at a small additional charge.
We can offer you:

• Any colour you like: High Gloss, Matt, Metallic or Pearls effect etc., or a combination of colours;
• We can offer you at least 10 types and colours of the leather;

• If your speaker has wooden parts we can offer different kind of woods and dyes;
• We can design only for you a special protecting grill and so on….

Or if you want something else, no matter how crazy it is, just give us a call.

B 52 Anniversary Edition

With B 52 Anniversary we want to bring a romantic era into your home.

The age of mastering the sky, of great machines, of real things.

The spirit of big dreams.

When decisions were made thanks to human intelligence.

When machines were made and commanded by humans, not robots.

B 52 is the first of the Aero series, which will bring class and warmth
into your home, delighting you both with its vintage style and its wonderful sound.

We are 20 years old now!!!