Venus Mk6 - High End 2-way speaker for Home & Pro use

Venus Mk6 is a powerful and flexible loudspeaker ready to deliver highest quality sound in any acoustic environment. 
Elegant and simple design you will love.


Venus Mk6 is the 6th generation of our best selling Venus line. In terms of sound, it follows our basic philosophy: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. The goal we set and achieved was to present an uncompromisingly powerful, linear and clean sound, minimally dependent on room acoustics. Each of Venus Mk6's main parts has its contribution to its awesome sound: 
· Oval shaped enclosure: The oval shape is perfect for loudspeaker enclosures. It eliminates any standing waves and resonances. Innovative Individual Mold Technology used.
· Coaxially mounted speakers: For a more coherent and uniform sound.
· Steel suspension wires: No vibration transfer to the ceiling.

 The shape of the enclosure plays a vital role in loudspeaker performance. The movement of the speaker membrane causes a very complex mixture of sound waves in terms of frequency, amplitude, phase etc. If the shape is rectangular with parallel walls, at certain frequencies two bad things may happen: firstly, the walls will start to vibrate due to interference and will act as additional speakers, but without any control. So the general sound will be an unpredictable mixture of the sound coming from the speakers and from the enclosure’s walls. Second, standing waves will occur inside the cabinet, which will increase enormously certain frequencies and will decrease others. Fortunately, there is a shape which prevents both of these phenomena. That shape is oval.






Form follows function concept
Resonance-free egg-shaped enclosure
 Highest quality speakers and electronics
 Solid aluminium CNC machined tweeter horn
 Solid aluminium alloy hanging hardware
 Gold plated connectors
 Highest quality lacquers
 Steel suspension wires
 Possible Line Array expandable installation
 Can be ordered in ANY color, matt or high gloss


Frequency response - 50 Hz - 25 kHz
Nominal impedance - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity - 87 dB @ 1W/1m
AES Power - 120 W
Tweeter - 1” neodymium with silk dome and protective grill
Bass/Mid - 5.5" studio woofer, aluminium basket, 1.5" voice coil, waterproof paper cone, rubber surround
Dimensions - 22 x 28 x 34 cm (H W D)
Weight - 5.4 kg


You can order Venus Mk6 in absolutely ANY COLOR you like! You can use RAL, NCS, Pantone or any other system. You can also use car manufacturers' systems for metallic or pearl effects. Both matt and high gloss finish are available.
There is no additional charge for your custom color.


The solid oval enclosure, special suspension hardware with line array function and high-end coaxially mounted drivers make Venus Mk6 low sensitive to room acoustics: you will hear the music, not the room.
Excellent sound. Equally good for Home and Pro use. Countless color options. Power and style! 

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